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  • So I went ahead and aliquoted 29% Rhodamine labeled tubulin. I did this by adding 2 µL of the Rhodamine labeled tubulin to one of my 5 µL aliquots of unlabeled tubulin. The reason for increasing the amount of fluorescent dye on the MTs is so that Larry's program can track them better.
  • I have polymerized some of the 29% labeled tubulin.
  • I made some antifade.


I'm using whole casein as my surface passivator. The goal of this experiment is to make sure that my control velocity for microtubules (i.e. the velocity with no heavy water in the experiment) is about the same number when using whole casein since I used kappa-casein as my surface passivator in the previous experiments.

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So the only thing to do here is wait till I get the numbers from Larry's programing skills.