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I am actually quite confused as to why my lipids didn't go completely into my 1:1 MeOH:EtOH solution. I'm told by the technicians from Avanti that I can sonicate my sauce to see if the lipids go into solution as well as heating them up. I do not want to use the hot plate to heat up the lipids because too much evaporation will occur. I will use the PCR machine once Ant is done checking it out for calibration purposes.

Drying chamber

I also pretty sure that I need to dry out the solvents better. Unfortunately the pump we have is not designed to pump continuously when already at a "vacuum". So, I made a little "drying chamber" that allows me to pump in a low flow of nitrogen and at the same time pull a vacuum on it.

I would also like to add that the above image was my first "note" taken with Evernote. Yes, they do kick major awesome ass!

I think my favorite is the drying rack, which is nothing more than a pencil eraser with cut outs.

Heavy PEM

Alas, I have done everything today without realizing that I have to sit and wait for things. I swapped out the hard drives in Kiney's computer and I am reinstalling the operating system which, will take hours. So, I will just have to wait to start this.

Steve Koch 00:31, 30 October 2009 (EDT): I'll show you how to do the backup script using SyncToy2.0 soon. It's a decent backup strategy. Dealing with movies is still a major issue that I don't know how to deal with. Even though our server is 2 TB, it'll fill up. I'm inclined to just keep buying more RAID servers, since archiving to tape or whatever is almost as inconvenient as deleting them. Maybe the UNM library can help? I have in mind that they only deal with putting published stuff in the repository (as opposed to ALL data) ... but maybe I'm wrong.

Andy Maloney 01:00, 30 October 2009 (EDT): I have a Drobo at home backing up all my data. It works flawlessly and is super simple to use. Plus, all you have to do is stick it on the server now and it will work. We could get one and stick 2 drives in it to see if it will work for what we want. The best selling feature of this is that you are not locked to specific hardware.