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New stuff

We received new pipetters and we just got the new stock solution of MgCl2. This means I can start to make new buffer solutions for the kinesin and microtubule experiments.


I transferred a new stock of DMSO into Nalgene cryo tubes. They are being stored in desiccant under nitrogen in a plastic jar. That plastic jar is then in the desiccator clearly labeled as having DMSO in it.

I am going to make a 10 mM stock solution of Taxol in DMSO. Since the Taxol we have comes from Cytoskeleton and is packaged in vials containing 170 µg of Taxol, I need to add 20 µL of DMSO to make the 10 mM solution.

This stock solution will be in the e•IceBucket by Brian's station.

1 N NaOH

Easy. I've made 50 mL and it's in a glass bottle by my station.


Done and pH-ed to 6.93. I am pretty sure that it is going to be fine at this pH. I did unfortunately mess up the pH-ing and had to add HCl to get it to the pH it is at.