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Ethics course

  • I don't understand this but we are going to talk about neuroscience ethics. Why? This is supposed to be a course on nano ethics.
  • here he goes again on Nazi stuff
  • communitarian
  • generalizable
  • moral gravitas - didn't realize I'm in a Latin class
  • he's going over autonomy again
  • talking again about Nazis
  • he said utilize
  • look up Nuremberg and Tuskegee
  • parentas
  • Apparently people can remotely log into this class and ask questions. Why am here? Is attendence taken?
  • principle of double effect
  • aquiescing
  • formulaic
  • profer
  • why do we keep talking about medical ethics? I actually feel sorry for all the medical doctors if they had to go through this class.
  • wexelblat effects
  • he likes to say fiduciary
  • injurious
  • not sure why but we seem to be going over mechanisms to protect patients. Still nothing about nanoscience.
  • he said utilizing
  • not sure why but he's talking about something with a federal code "fed. Reg. 56 cfr 28002" I do not understand why.
  • so as a joke at the beginning of the class, this guy put a bust of someone to the camera. I thought that only movies stereotyped brainy people as having busts of people. I don't think I have ever come across a real person that owns a bust.
  • look up the irb
  • I must admit that this class was structured better. There was lots of examples. Unfortunately none of the examples were geared towards nanoscience.