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Koch mini meeting

We discussed several things.

  • Cleaning slips and slides with ethanol and rinsing with nano-pure water.
  • Ordering Mg-ATP and Mg-GTP.
  • We discussed PEM & BRB80. We decided to use our version of PEM as is. This came up because Koch thinks we need more MgCl2 in our buffer. If we use Mg-ATP or Mg-GTP, then we don't need to add more Mg to the buffer because it will be in the ATP/GTP solutions.
  • Aliquot the 100 mM ATP into smaller vials. Right now it is stored in the -20˚C freezer in a vial containing 100 µL. Brian and I put it into vials containing 5 µL. This way I will have a "fresh" vial of ATP for experiments each day.
  • We discussed the many typos in Cytoskeleton's pamphlets and how it has caused us to add probably unwanted chemicals into our ATP resuspension.