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  • Polymerize new microtubules.
    • Need to aliquot the microtubules
      • I'm going to try 1% and 10% labeled rhodamine tubulin aliquots. Hopefully that will be enough fluorescence to visualize the microtubules.
  • Need to make a new stock of BRB80T.
  • Check to see if the kinesin is still active.
    • If not, get a new batch.

To date

I've made the new stock of whole casein in a solution of BRB80. I used heat and stirring to get it into solution. I'm starting to believe that the casein proteins will not denature at the temperature I had it at so I think things are fine with that. Only an experiment will tell for sure.

Steve Koch 12:56, 20 August 2009 (EDT): You may end up passivating with some fat-free American cheese...but hey, if it works!... :)


So Koch's comment about cheese made me think a little bit. I do know a little about cheese. Such as you need rennet to separate curds and whey from milk. So, I did a search on "casein in curds" and I came across this absolute gem of a webpage. It talks about how someone thinks they are producing cheese from their colon. From this posting I received a link to an article done in 1897 which talks about the amount of casein in children's poop. Fascinating stuff and yet, oddly related to my wonderment behind the denaturing of casein.

I think that it is my duty to as a scientist to reference the above article for my paper on surface passivation. This way a younger crowd will be able to appreciate the articles done by scientists a hundred years ago.

TheLarry 00:08, 21 August 2009 (EDT): That's awesome. You gotta reference it. I read a kinesin review that referenced a televangelist so you gotta reference this one.