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Yesterday I made a batch of 100 nm phosphatidylcholine liposomes. Today I used the DIC setup on the Kiney microscope to visualize said liposomes. To add contrast, since the liposomes are filled with BRB80, I put them in a solution of 225 mM sucrose. I also diluted them from my stock solution by a factor of 100. The original solution has a lipid concentration of 15 mg/mL.

The goal is to coat the glass surface with a lipid bilayer so as to passivate it. I recall from previous work that all one has to do is drop a bunch of liposomes onto a glass surface and they will spontaneously aggregate to form a bilayer. However, I've been looking into things and it may make more sense to try a spin coating similar to the below paper.

Preparation of Solid-Supported Lipid Bilayers by Spin-Coating