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Closed science

We need replacement Hg bulbs for our 100W Hg lamp housing on our IX-71 Olympus microscope. I just called Leeds (our local provider of Olympus things) to find out the correct number to order the right part. They have listed several 100W Hg bulbs on their site and it is not straight forward in determining which bulb will work in our housing hence, my calling to ask. I was told that the only person that could answer my bulb question was busy and that no one else in the office could answer it for me.

Doesn't this seem a little odd? No one being able to help me except one person? I am so tempted to start my own open microscope company that allows scientists the ability to know everything about every part. That way when something screws up, you can replace it easily and, make it open source so that anyone can modify it.