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Laser diode update

It turns out that there 8 outputs that will help us monitor the laser diode system. One of which is [math]\displaystyle{ \Delta }[/math]T. This allows us to see how well our PID control is working. A huge benefit.

Also, the 5A power supply has arrived and we are in the process of either buying or building an enclosure so that we don't kill ourselves when it is in operation.

I did end up purchasing an enclosure. I've spent the better part of the day trying to wire up the power supply and get it into the box. Sometimes the fastest route is not the easiest one. But, we will be up and running tomorrow instead of next week with this power supply.

To do tomorrow

  • Talk to the VWR furniture person at 10am.
  • Finish the power supply build.
  • Redo PID temperature control.
  • Test the laser to its limits.
  • Setup the beam path.
  • Test the anamorphic prisms.
  • Try to trap something.
  • Determine if we need a spatial filter.