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Diode laser amp usage

We received the PLT Technology laser diode and it installed into our system just fine. I would like to catalog how the system is using up amperage so that we don't unintentionally overdrive the system.

  • Fan = 140 mA
  • LEDs = 30 mA
  • Display = 200 mA
  • Temperature controller = 1000 mA

We are using 1370 mA without even turning the diode on. The diode has an operating amperage of 1800 mA with a max current of 1900 mA. This means that to supply the correct diode current, we will need to siphon some current from our temperature controller. I'm not sure if this means we will need to redo our PID adjustment for temperature control, but it must be done to reach the 1W potential of our diode.

PID Adjustment

And, yes. PID adjustment is necessary. It looks like you set up PID control for a specific amperage to the cooler. Since I had to reduce the amount of current going to the temperature controller from 1000 mA to 750 mA, I have to redo the PID adjustment.

This is annoying but necessary.

SJK 14:59, 17 March 2009 (EDT)

14:59, 17 March 2009 (EDT)
We may not need the full 1 Watt, though, depending on how much stiffness we get with this wavelength, our beads, and the particular objective

Of course, I can't remember how to do the PID adjustment. Koch is right that we may not need the total 1W of power but, I think I should go ahead and do this just in case we do want the total power of the diode.