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Today I decided to machine the part that adapts the cage cube from Thorlabs to the Olympus illumination arm. Unfortunately, since Olympus is a closed (and thus a horrible company in my mind) company, I had to take some measurements to get the placement of the M3 clearance holes on my adapter plate. Of course I didn't get them correct and thus trashed my part because of it.

Looks like I will spend Monday trying to make it work. I hate closed companies that expect scientist to use their products. I wasted 3.5 hours of machining today.

Steve Koch 04:35, 7 March 2009 (EST): The dumb thing about it is that they should have all that shit patented, in which case it is required to be published. Well, sorry they fucked you over. Two questions: (1) can you salvage it for the most part? and (2) can we buy a measuring tool that will prevent this from happening the next time?