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This is my review. Please read the paper before reading my notes.


The carbohydrate portions of milk glycoproteins.


  • kappa-casein is the main glycoprotein of cow's milk.
  • Polysacharides on the kappa-casein are O-glycosidically linked.
  • 3 sugars make up the kappa-casein, Gal, GalNac, NeuNac.
  • kappa-casein contains sialic acid!
  • kappa-casein is calcium insensitive.
  • They say that kappa-casein is the only part that contains sugars. I'm not so sure about this.
  • kappa-casein stabilizes the casein micelle.
  • kappa-casein can be split into two constituents. One is called para-kappa-casein and it is insoluable in water. The other contains the sugar groups and is soluable.
  • States that kappa-casein has N-acetyl and N-glycolyl neuraminic acid at terminal positions.
  • They also talk about lactotransferrin and suggest that the glycan groups play a role in intercellular adhesion.