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These are my notes. Please read the book before reading my notes.


Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Heating milk causes a decrease in soluable calcium phosphate and it precipitates onto casein micelles. This is reversible through coolin.
  • On heating, the pH may decrease due to dephosphorylation of casein.
  • Caseins are small 20 - 25 kDa.
    • They are relatively hydrophobic
    • They have little higher structure, i.e. they do not denature.
    • They have few disulphide bonds with alphas2 and kappa caseins being the ones that have them.
    • They contain no sulphydrol groups.
    • All caseins are phosphorylated.
    • alphas1,s2 and beta caseins bind calcium strongly due to their phosphorylation.
  • Caseins are not susceptible to thermal denaturation.
  • Dephosphorylations does occur to about 100% in one hour if the caseins are heated to 140˚C.

Take home

I can heat casein to get it to go into solution!