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Lesser known methods in recombinant bacterial protein expression

Here are a few lesser known methods / protocols / tricks I've collected over the years. I've love to know if any of them are actually useful for anyone.

Self cleaving TEV protease fusion partner

  • <xfeeds pubget="Y">doi:10.1110/ps.041129605</xfeeds>

Thermostable fusion partners

  • <xfeeds pubget="Y">doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2003.10.008</xfeeds>

PMID 14711496

Elastin tagging

Some elastin-like peptides undergo a soluble–insoluble phase transition ("precipitation"), which can be modulated by salt concentration. When used as a fusion partner, it has be shown that this property can be used as a simple purification step.

  • <xfeeds pubget="Y">doi:10.1110/ps.04931604</xfeeds>
  • <xfeeds pubget="Y">doi:10.1002/pro.157</xfeeds>

It appears many methods relating to the use of elastin-like peptides may be patent encumbered.