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  • Antimicrobial Testing
  • Strength Test
  • Thermodynamics Testing

Antimicrobial Testing

  • Collect cells from films with a gauze patches
    • make sure to clean all tools used with ethanol, and heat if possible
  • Place gauze patch in 10mL of the saline solution in a test tube
  • Vortex test tubes
  • Pipette 50 micro-liter on agar plates
  • Spread out the cells with the triangular glass spreading tool
  • Prepare four plates in total
  • Incubate at 37C for 24 hours

Thermal energy study Continued

  • The thermal energy study was conducted with some changes
  1. The experiment was set up on the bench instead of the hood to prevent airflow
  2. A large tray was set up next to the hotplate to stop air flow from the window
  3. 30 ml of water was measured out to make sure each experiment was consistent and prevent boil over
  4. The experiment was measured every ten minutes for one hour, because it was noticed that the temperature becomes stable after 20 minutes
  • Table 1.

  • Table 1. shows the data for the Thermal energy study of just the aluminum dish with no coating.
  • Table 2.

  • Table 2. shows the data for the thermal energy study of the dish with an epoxy coating.
  • After the test was completed the dish with epoxy coating was allowed to cool and dry. The epoxy was removed for the dish and cut in half, thickness was measured using a caliper in the middle of each half and averaged. The epoxy coating thickness was 1.91mm

Adhesive strength study

  • The adhesive strength study was first attempted using the PASCO, however the epoxy strength was out of calibration for the instrument.
  • Next we used weights and hung them at a distance of 22.2cm for 2minutes with increasing weight. However the results were inconclusive because we maxed out at a weight of 100lbs and glued T-cells did not break apart.

  • Figure 1. shows the set up of the adhesive strength experiment.