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  1. Check for swelling(thickness before and after water)
  2. Cure in the oven
    1. two hours in 66.5 C
    2. two more hours in 118.5 C
  3. Synthesize more films according to our regular procedure
  • one TiO2/Epoxy film was vortexed for better mixing.

Swelling Test for TiO2/Epoxy film

  1. Cut film into three pieces to fit into falcon tubes
    • The first film made on the 30th of january.
  1. Measure thickness and weight.
  • Piece 1: 2.19 mm, and 1.89298 g
  • Piece 2: 1.92 mm, and 1.74206 g
  • Piece 3: 1.71 mm, and 1.64407 g
  1. Place a piece per falcon tube, and measure water to the 35 mL mark.
  2. Leave in drawer till next lab period.