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  1. Find out the right proportions of materials used
  2. Start one synthesis
  3. Find the proper cross linking temperature


  1. DER 331, which is an undiluted diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA).
  2. JEFFAMINE® D-400 amine
  3. Titanium Dioxide T696


the proportion of Amine to Epoxy should be 1:1 in equivalent weights. The equivalent weight for the epoxy is 182-192 g/mol. The below image shows the equivalent weights of a few Jeffamines

Amine equivilent weights.PNG

The image is from Hunstman's EPOXY FORMULATIONS USING JEFFAMINE® POLYETHERAMINES. Here is the link:


  1. measure 3.0559 g of JD-400
  2. add 5.5633 g of the epoxy
  3. add 0.8473 g of TiO2
  4. let stir for 5 minutes with temperature of 85C
  5. reduce the temperature to 50C for another 10 minutes.
  6. transport the mixture into an aluminum dish
  7. Let it sit in room temperature till next lab section.

DSC Test

  1. Weigh a pan and a lid, 51.76 mg
  2. add the mixture, 9.81 mg, in the pan and press the lid on it
  3. Input into DSC to test for temperature starting at 20C to 200C, adding 5C/min
    1. This test will let us know the optimum temperature for cross linking