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Analysis of R6G Experimental Solutions

It was determined that the R6G stock solution that was used to create all of the solutions used in the experiment was mislabeled. It was originally believed to be 159 μM but |Madeleine and Alicia determined that the true concentration of the stock solution was 1.9 mM. Using the same calculation technique described on 9/24 the concentration of the three starting solutions were determined.

  • What was originally believed to be a 1μM solution was actually a 12 μM solution.
  • What was originally believed to be a 10μM solution was actually a 120 μM solution.
  • What was originally believed to be a 20μM solution was actually a 240 μM solution.


To determine the concentration of the R6G solutions from the fluorescence spectra, Riemann sums were used to integrate the peaks. These peak integration values were then plugged into the equation of the fluorescence calibration curve for R6G that was created on 10/08 and the concentration was determined. To determine the original concentration before dilution, the concentration value given by the equation was then multiplied by the dilution factor.



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