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  • synthesize new 6 large volume (total volume:108 mL)

Large Volume Synthesis

  1. 80% BSA:L-cysteine
  2. 80% BSA:L-cysteine
  3. 80% BSA:GSH
  4. 80% BSA:GSH
  5. 80% BSA:1-Thioglycerol
  6. 80% BSA:1-Thioglycerol
  • Our goal in making double of each kind was to have enough remaining mass after precipitating and drying our samples, so that we could have more material available for pXRD.


  • One GSH sample flouresced orange, while the other fluoresced blue (visual observation under UV-light).
  • These samples demonstrated inconsistency within our synthesis.
  • The stock solutions were made in the same fashion that they were previously made.