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  • Run fluorescence spectroscopy for the previously synthesized sets: Cys, GSH, 1-Thioglycerol.
  • Finish precipitation of 80% BSA-CYS sample


The solutions created for tomorrow:

  1. 250mL of 20mM L-cysteine
    1. FW 121.16g/mol
    2. measure out: 0.6058g
    3. measured: 0.6063g
    4. actual conc: 19.98mM
  2. 50mL of 100mM ZnSO4
    1. FW 287.56g/mol
    2. measure out: 1.4378g
    3. measured: 1.4399 g
    4. actual conc: 100.1 mM
  3. 50mL of 10mM MnCl2
    1. FW 197.9g/mol
    2. measure out: 0.09895g
    3. measured: 0.0987g
    4. actual conc: 9.98 mM
  4. 10mL 1M NaOH
    1. FW 40.00g/mol
    2. 0.4284g
    3. Final concentration a bit over 1M check pH carefully when adjusting!
  5. 50mL 100mM Na2S
    1. FW 240.18g/mol
    2. measure out: 1.2009g
    3. measured: 1.2007g
    4. actual conc: 100 mM


  • Add data and results here...


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