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  1. Synthesize Pepsin-AuNPs for reactivity tests tomorrow
  2. Determine the Au:Protein ratio required for fiber formation for pepsin and HRP


  1. Synthesis of HRP-AuNPs and Pepsin-AuNPs
    1. Into test tube that will contain a total of 5mL add
    2. Au solution such that the final concentration is 0.25mM
    3. Protein solution such that the final concentration reflects the following Au:Protein ratios
      1. 30
      2. 50
      3. 70
      4. 90
      5. 110
      6. 130
      7. 150
      8. 170
      9. 190
      10. 210
    4. Water up to 5mL
  2. take UV-vis of BSA from last week's experiment, HRP, Pepsin, Gold, and reference sample.


Stock Solutions

  1. HRP
    1. 67.3mg in 100mL of water ---> 15.3 μM
  2. Pepsin
    1. 54.4mg in 100mL of water ---> 15.7 μM
  3. Gold
    1. Need 50mL of 2.52mM


Final volume is 5mL, and final concentration of gold is 0.25mM. Initial concentration of gold is 2.52mM.

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