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Contact Info

Amanda L Smith
  • Amanda L Smith
  • University of Washington
  • Box 355014
  • Seattle, WA, USA 98195

I work in the Lidstrom Lab at the University of Washington with Janet B. Matsen.


  • 2015, PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Washington
  • 2010, MS Chemical Engineering, University of Washington
  • 2008, BS Bioengineering, Rice University

Research interests

  1. Metabolic Engineering
  2. Biochemicals and biofuels
  3. Synthetic Biology

but I also think the following are really interesting...

  1. Human microbiota research
  2. Bioremediation


  1. Martínez I, Lee A, Bennett GN, and San KY. Culture conditions' impact on succinate production by a high succinate producing Escherichia coli strain. Biotechnol Prog. 2011 Sep-Oct;27(5):1225-31. DOI:10.1002/btpr.641 | PubMed ID:21681980 | HubMed [Paper1]

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