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Analyze last weeks sample with SECM and create new beads using montmorillonite in PVA.


  • Same as previous time
  • Using olive oil as carrier fluid due to its lower viscosity


  • Rate of olive oil set to 2 mL/min in two 60 mL syringes
  • Collected more beads and lyophilized them so they can be imaged later to analyze sizes
  • PVA and gluteraldehyde, rate 0.05 mL/min.
    • PVA and gluteraldehyde are mixed in y-junction with the shortest tube possible to connect the y to the cross junction where the olive oil will pinch off the composite mixture into beads.
    • gluteraldehyde filled in 3 mL syringe with 1/2 mL of 8% gluteraldehyde and then 2 1/2 mL filled with distilled water.
    • 10% PVA (5.8 g PVA [Mw 31-50,000 kDa] in 5.8 g Di H2O) in 10% HCl