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Contact Info

Albert Parisien

University of Ottawa
161 Louis-Pasteur, Room A-412
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5 I am currently working in the Lan Lab at the University of Ottawa Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. Supervisor Dr Christopher Q. Lan Co-supervisor Dr Jules Thibault


  • Current, PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa
  • 2009, MASc Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa
  • 2007, BASc Chemical Engineering in biotechnology, University of Ottawa
  • 2007, BSc Biochemistry, University of Ottawa
  • 2001, DÉC Water sanitation, Cégep St-Laurent

Research interests

  1. High cell density culture
  2. E. coli culture
  3. Large-scale protein expression and purification
  4. Single domain antibody production
  5. Lytic enzyme production
  6. Bacteriophages
  7. Water sanitation


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Dorval Courchesne N.M., Parisien A., and Lan C.Q. (2009) Production and applications of phage encoded lysins, Recent Patents on Biotechnology, 3 (1): 37-45.

Parisien A. and Lan C.Q. (2009) Classification of bacterial cell wall hydrolysases and their potentials as novel alternatives to antibiotics - a response to the letter of Biziulevicius and Kazlauskaite, J. Appl. Microbiol, 106(5): 1754-1759(6).

Parisien A., Allain B., Zhang J., Mandeville R., and Lan C.Q. (2008) Novel alternatives to antibiotics: Bacteriophages, bacterial cell wall hydrolases, and antimicrobial peptides, J. Appl. Microbiol., 104: 1-13.

Asselin C., Chicoine K., Parisien A., Riffon R., Ouellet B., Palacek K. and Luedtke H., (2005) Pilot testing and full-scale implementation of the Low Sludge Production (LSP) process. Pulp & Paper Canada. 106(6): 32-35.

Amow G. and Parisien A., (2007) “Evaluation of La4Ni3-xCuxO10 Novel materials for solid-oxide fuel cell cathodes, Conference Proceedings of the 2007 CF/DRDC International Defence Applications of Materials Meeting, Halifax, NS, 5-7th June, 2007.

Dorval Courchesne, N.M., Parisien, A., and Lan, C.Q. (2009) Bacteriophage Therapies and Enzybiotics: Novel Solutions to Antibiotic Resistance, in Antibiotic Resistance: Causes and Risk Factors, Mechanisms and Alternatives, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Dorval Courchesne N.M., Parisien A., McKinnon C., and Lan C.Q. (2009) Isolation and Expression of Gene Products from Streptococcus thermophilus Bacteriophage 2972 (oral) 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering.

Parisien A., Dorval Courchesne N.M., Hussack G.,Lan C.Q. and Tanha J. Over-expression of single domain antibody against Clostridium difficile toxin A in Escherichia coli (oral), 58th Canadian Engineering Conference, Ottawa, Ont. October 19-22 2008.

Parisien A., Hussack G., and Lan, C.Q. (2008) Over-expression of single domain antibody in Escherichia coli (oral). 10th Annual Ontario Quebec CSChE Biotechnology Meeting, Sherbrooke, June 11-12.

Amow G., Parisien A., and Chan, J., (2008) In investigation of the physical properties of the La4Ni3-xBxO10-δ system (B = Cu, Fe) for solid oxide fuel cell Cathodes (oral), 8th European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum 2008, Lucerne, Switzerland, June 30th-July 4th, 2008.

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