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Center for Advanced Sensor Technology

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   Status: Student


   University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2007
   Baltimore, Maryland
   Bachelor of science: Computer Engineering


   CompTIA A+ certification
   2003 OS technology and Core Hardware) –
   [Passed as of August 2004]: Maintained, pinpointed problems,
   repaired, operated Windows9.x/Me/2000/NT/XP. Solved and devised
   hardware and networking technologies
   Programming Languages
   C/C++, Assembly, VHDL, Verilog, Matlab
   System Environments
   Linux/Unix, Cygwin, Windows9.x/Me/2000/NT/XP


   Computer Science: Software Design and Development, Software Engineering, Operating System
   Computer Engineering: System Design and Programming, Embedded System, Capstone I


  Research Intern, Research Associate, Capstone
     Center for Advanced Sensor Technology, Catonsville, MD
                                                              May 2006–Sept. 2006
    - Collected data on Analog to Digital signals and micro-controllers
    - Evaluated and examined circuits design and performances
    - Programmed and solved the related micro-controller problems
                                                              Oct.2006 – Dec. 2006
    - Assisted the supervisor with tasks involving with advanced sensor technology
    - Strengthened ability to organize and coordinate in a team
    - Illustrated team project design and goals
  Installation Technician II
   Radian Inc., Alexandria, VA
                                                           July 2005 – August 2005
    - Supported with installing cables and modern security devices


   Environmental Sensor Network
   Under the supervision of Dr. Kostov and with the help of the Capstone Water Chemist Team, we 
   developed and tested communication protocol to an environmental sensor that was developed by the   
   Center of Advanced Sensor Technology.</p>
   Intelligent Ground Vehicle
   In entering the Intelligent Ground Vechicle Competition, the UMBC IEEE  
   student branch developed low cost efficient ground vehicle that runs autonomous by stereovision 
   capabilities and by GPS guidance system.


   UMBC IEEE Student Branch          (Fall 2004 – present)
       Chair(Winter 2006 - Spring 2007)
       Vice Chair(Spring 2006 - present)
       Treasurer (Fall 2005)
   UMBC USTA Tennis Club             (Fall 2005 - present)
   Taiwanese Student Association     (Fall 2005 - present)
   Chinese Student Association       (Spring 2005 - present)
   Engineering Council of Major      (Fall 2005 – Spring 2006)


   First Place in Hardware Competition (IEEE-SAC) (Spring 2006)
   13th IGVC Certification of Participation       (Spring 2005)
   IEEE Student Contest Paper Certification of Participation (Spring 2005)
   International Baccalaureate Program Certificate(Spring 2002)

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