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Aaron Jeffs

Department of Pathology
Dunedin School of Medicine
University of Otago
New Zealand

aaron.jeffs at

Research Interests

  • Cancer genetics
  • Oncogenomics
  • eResearch


  • PhD (Otago) 2001.
  • MSc Hons (Canterbury) 1994.



  • Campbell HG, Slatter TL, Jeffs A, Mehta R, Rubio C, Baird M, Braithwaite AW (2012). Does Δ133p53 isoform trigger inflammation and autoimmunity? Cell Cycle. 2012 Feb 1;11(3):446-50. Epub 2012 Feb 1. PMID: 22262184.
  • Slatter, T. L., Hung, N., ..., Renshaw, P., Williams, G., Wilson, M., Engelmann, A., Jeffs, A., Royds, J. A., Baird, M. A., & Braithwaite, A. W. (2011). Hyperproliferation, cancer, and inflammation in mice expressing a Δ133p53-like isoform. Blood, 117(19), 5166-5177.
  • Jeffs, A. R., Glover, A. C., Slobbe, L. J., Wang, L., He, S., Hazlett, J. A., Awasthi, A., Woolley, A. G., Marshall, E. S., Joseph, W. R., Print, C. G., Baguley, B. C., & Eccles, M. R. (2009). A gene expression signature of invasive potential in metastatic melanoma cells. PLoS ONE, 4(12), e8461.
  • Jenkins, Z. A., van Kogelenberg, M., Morgan, T., Jeffs, A., Fukuzawa, R., Pearl, E., ..., & Robertson, S. P. (2009). Germline mutations in WTX cause a sclerosing skeletal dysplasia but do not predispose to tumorigenesis. Nature Genetics, 41(1), 95-100.
  • Dziarmaga, A., Hueber, P-A., Iglesias, D., Hache, N., Jeffs, A., Gendron, N., MacKenzie, A., Eccles, M., & Goodyer, P. (2006). Neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein is expressed in developing kidney and is regulated by PAX2. American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology, 291, F913-F920.
  • Futschik, M., Jeffs, A. R., Pattison, S. T., Kasabov, N., Sullivan, M. J., Merrie, A. E. M., & Reeve, A. E. (2002). Gene expression profiling of metastatic and nonmetastatic colorectal cancer cell lines. Genome Letters, 1, 26-34.
  • Jeffs, A. R., Wells, J. E., & Morris, C. M. (2001). Nonrandom distribution of interspersed repeat elements in the BCR and ABL1 genes and its relation to breakpoint cluster regions. Genes Chromosomes and Cancer, 32(2), 144-154.
  • Benjes, S. M., Millow, L. J., Jeffs, A. R., Sowerby, S. J., Reeve, A. E., & Morris, C. M. (1999). 3'BCR recombines with IGL locus in BCR-ABL-positive Philadelphia-negative chronic myeloid leukaemia. Genes Chromosomes Cancer, 26, 366-371.
  • Jeffs, A. R., Benjes, S. M., Smith, T. L., Sowerby, S. J., & Morris, C. M. (1998). The BCR gene recombines preferentially with Alu elements in complex BCR-ABL translocations of chronic myeloid leukaemia. Human Molecular Genetics, 7, 767-776.
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Robson, Ewan, Jeffs, Aaron, and Eccles, Michael. Off-target response to decoy oligodeoxynucleotide treatment. Available from Nature Precedings (2008)



  • "p53 isoforms, miRNA, and cancer", Dunedin School of Medicine Dean's Bequest Round, 27 May 2011 for 1 year ($14,569). A. Jeffs and A. Braithwaite.


  • "MicroRNA function in melanoma", The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust, October 2010 for 1 year ($14,127). A. Jeffs.
  • "Urinary microRNA: a novel marker of acute kidney injury", University of Otago Research grant, October 2010 for 1 year ($44,000). R. Walker (PI), A. Jeffs, Z. Endre, and J. Pickering.
  • "Can isoforms of the p53 tumour suppressor cause cancer?", Health Research Council of New Zealand, June 2010 for 36 months ($1,158,492). A. Braithwaite (PI), N. Hung, A. Jeffs, and T. Slatter.
  • "A novel gene that modifies melanoma invasive potential", Dunedin School of Medicine Dean's Bequest Fund, June 2010 for 1 year ($5420). A. Jeffs.
  • "Grant-in-aid for QMB Cancer meeting 2010", Maurice & Phyllis Paykel Trust ($4000). A. Jeffs & M. Eccles.
  • Professional Development Award to attend the AMATA10 meeting, Hobart, Australia, Genesis Oncology Trust ($1,957). A. Jeffs.
  • Dunedin School of Medicine Travel Grant to attend the AMATA10 meeting, Hobart, Australia ($885). A.Jeffs.


  • "Genome instability in melanoma", NZ Lottery Grants Board (Application 278243), 01/01/2010 for 2 years ($116,328). A. Jeffs (PI), M. Eccles, and B. Baguley.
  • "The molecular basis of melanoma: integrating microRNA expression and DNA copy number variation to define clinically relevant markers of invasion and prognosis", The HealthCare Otago Charitable Trust ($10,434), 01/02/10 for 1 year. A. Jeffs.