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Adam Clore (an artistic interpretation)

I Currently work in Drs. Amanda McCullough and Stephen Lloyd's lab researching the effects of DNA damaging agents. Specifically, our group looks at toxins that form DNA-Protein crosslinks using yeast and mammalian cell culture models.


  • Ph.D. Biology, Sept 2002-2008
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon
Dr. Kenneth Stedman, Advisor

  • B.S. Biology, Minor in Chemistry, May 2001
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Dr. Michael Walter, Advisor.

Research interests


  • Adam J. Clore and Kenneth M. Stedman. (Epub ahead of print) “The SSV1 viral integrase is not essential," Virology doi:10.1016/j.virol.2006.11.003
  • Kenneth M. Stedman, Adam Clore, and Yannick Combet-Blanc. Biogeographical Diversity of Archaeal Viruses. In: Prokaryotic Diversity: Mechanisms and Significance. Edited by Logan, N. A. et al., New York: Cambridge University Press; 2006, p.131-144
  • 2008-Invited speaker, Whole Genome Sequencing of Extreme Fuselloviruses and Their Biogeography. SETI Astrobiology Science Conference, Santa Clara CA, March 2008
  • 2005-Presentation, Integration and replication in the hyperthermophilic virus family Fuselloviridae. West Coast Bacterial Physiology Conference. Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California 16-18 December, 2005
  • 2004-Poster session, American Society for Microbiology’s Extremophiles conference, Cambridge MD.
  • 2003-Presentation, Requirements of integration in the replication of eth Archaeal virus SSV1, 15th Evergreen International Phage Biology Meeting, Evergreen WA.

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