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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Adam C. Silver (an artistic interpretation)


  • 2008, PhD, University of Connecticut
  • 2002, BS, Stonehill College

Research interests

  1. Circadian Regulation of Innate Immune System
  2. Host-Microbe Interactions
  3. Infectious Diseases



  1. Paper1 pmid=23000010
  2. Paper2 pmid=22342842
  3. Paper3 pmid=22019350
  4. Paper4 pmid=21359176
  5. Paper5 pmid=22461860
  6. Paper6 pmid=19534604
  7. Paper7 pmid=17616592
  8. Paper8 pmid=17517651
  9. Paper9 pmid=17644303

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