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  • Brightfield and Fluorescence images of the BSA/gold nanoparticle aggregates and fibers formed in solution.

Bench Work

  • 11/11/2011
    • add ~.75 mL of 0.234 % Congo Red to a solution contained visible protein fibers on 11/11/2011
  • 11/17/2011
    • sample 1: fibers from 11/11/2011 were placed on a microscope slide
    • sample 2: fresh purple solution (no visible aggregates of fibers) from Tamra was mixed with ~200 uL of 0.2 % Congo Red; after ~12 hours a few drops of the solution were placed on a microscope slide.
    • sample 3: fresh purple solution from Tamra, no dye added. a few drops were placed on a microscope slide
  • 11/18/2011
    • 3 hours after placing solutions on slides, all three samples were washed with ethanol and then covered with a glass coverslip.
    • Imaged samples using an Olympus xxx microscope


40x fluorescence of sample 1(<1s exposure)
40x brightfield of sample 1
40x brightfield of sample 2
40x fluorescence of sample 2 (20s exposure)


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