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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Abhik Seal (an artistic interpretation)
  • Abhik Seal
  • Indiana University Bloomington

901 E 10th St. School of informatics and Computing Informatics West Room 205

I am a PHD (Chemical Informatics ) student at Indiana University Bloomington working with Prof David Wild at the chemgenomics and cheminformatics lab .Our lab is mainly focused on drug discovery and finding relationships between genes and compounds using semantic web and data minning approaches. Other than that I also work on QSAR , Molecular docking , Machine learning.

I am from India I am working with OSDD in cheminformatics research team with prof UC Abdul Jaleel predictive modelling for TB drug discovery.I have a lot of experience in Open source tools and like to use them very much for my work.


  • 2011-2016, PhD, Indiana University Bloomington Cheminformatics and Chemgenomics group
  • 2010, MSc(Tech), West Bengal University of Technology and DOEACC SOCIETY KOLKATA( Jadavpur University Campus) First rank holder
  • 2006, BSc Microbiology Hons,Calcutta University

Research interests

  1. Systems Pharmacology
  2. Network Medicine
  3. Cheminformatics and Machine Learning


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