Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/08/11 Minutes

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Career Consulting Event to be cancelled or rescheduled; contact Dan & Linda.

Ordering for tomorrow's study break - 12 dominoes pizzas, and some drank. Aight, decide on food for other study breaks at a later date.

official Weekly Meeting Time - TUESDAYS @ 9 in the Stud Coffeehouse.

March 29. SAVE THE DATE. Will be huge meeting with the board, new counselors, old counselors, etc for the FPOP to plan everything. It will be the first meeting after the spring break, we should have counselors selected by then. Speaking of which, apps are due this Monday!

Yuan needs to buy that futon ASAP yo.

Adding new positions to the board. What are "Members at large"? More like criminals at large.
Will elect a (or two) freshman rep(s); also add historian/photographer.

Send in budget to Cathy, buy foods and candies for us on biweekly meetings. SUHWEET!

Meet with Lauffenburger soon, especially since we have yet to report about about the FPOP last year...

Notes about the FPOP:
Telescope room was fun, spraying E.Coli with hater made their flagellas move. LOLOLULZSTARS!
Send out followup survey to old fpop kids, see if they remember anything to improve our program this year.