Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 3/15/13 Agenda

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Location: Course 20 UG Lounge (basement of 56) on 3/15/13 at 5PM Present: Jon, Jenny, Nikki, Katie, Matt, Karinna

  • FPOP
    • will be happening this year. Nikki N. taking the lead on this
    • In April need to get the app / information together
    • Katie / Nikki / Matt will be here this summer to help coordinate
  • Grad School Panel
    • Nikki and Katie taking the lead on this
    • Will be April 17th from 6:30-7:30
    • Katie needs to email back grad student board to coordinate 3 speakers
    • Katie and Nikki need to coordinate booking room and food
    • Karinna will pub for us
  • T-shirt
    • thinking about reordering the moo / quack shirts
    • Jenny will get quotes on reprinting (QRST?)
  • Budget approved! Upcoming events:
    • 1st study break this Thursday at 12:30
      • chipotle! Karinna will start pubbing email lists & fb group
    • Start stocking the lounge - coffee, tea, cups, sugar/cream, straws, etc