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UNIT-I (9)
Course Introduction and Overview (3)
Tenses (3)
Principles of Sentence Structure & Paragraph Writing (S+V+O) (3)

The Fundamentals of Speech (Ethos, Pathos & Logos) (2)
Verbal & Nonverbal Communication (3)
Fundamentals of Personal, Informative, and Scientific Speech (4)

Listening Skills: Definition, Barriers, Steps to Overcome (3)
Listening to Influence, Negotiate (2)
Note taking & Making while Listening (3)

UNIT-IV (10)
Read to Skim, and Scan (3)
Read to Comprehend (Predict, Answer Questions & Summarize) (3)
Read to Understand Written Expression (production of narratives and exposition, generating and organizing ideas, initially with a group or partner; producing a draft; sharing ideas with others for the purpose of gaining feedback; and revising, editing, proofreading, and publishing) (4)

UNIT-V (9)
Write to Inform - I: News, Emails (2)
Write to Inform - II: Notice, Agenda & Minutes (4)
Write to Define (Definitions & Essays) (3)

Total Contact Hours: 45

Recommended Textbook: Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe, & Diane Ivy. (2015). Communication: Principles for a Life Time. Pearson (6th International Edition).

Group Presentations

Currently ongoing.

23-01-2023 (Groups Q, S, T)
24-01-2023 (Group N)
25-01-2023 (Group Q)
27-01-2023 (Groups S, N)
30-01-2023 (Groups Q, S, T)
31-01-2023 (Group N)
01-02-2023 (Group Q)
02-02-2023 (Group T)


If you have missed any test (CLA-1, CLA-2, Mid-Sem) and/or any assignment(s), please come to my office at 11am on 01 Feb 2023.
Office: SC-13 Level 7, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Block

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