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To get authorization to use it, please send an email to Lab manager.

Before beginning any work on the equipment, make sure it is in good condition. If something does not seem right, should be reported to the lab manager.


  1. Fill the water reservoir with dH2O. Never fill higher than the “OPERATING LEVEL”.
  2. Turn on using the “MAIN POWER SWICH”, which is located on the back of the unit, next to the power cord receptacle.
  3. To start to work press to power on/off the unit.
  4. Press UP/DOWN KEYS to increase/decrease ultrasonic or degassing cycle time (adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes).
  5. Press “SONICS” to activate ultrasonics, or “DEGAS” to run a degas application.
  6. Press “HEAT” to turn heater on/off. Heater will shut off when set temperature is attained.

The “FN” key allow to access less-frequently used functions. The following options are available:

  • Set Temperature
  • Timed/Constant Sonics
  • Full/Low Power

For more information please visit the following links[1] [2]

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