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To get authorization to use it, please send an email to Lab manager.

Before beginning any work on the equipment, make sure it is in good condition. If something does not seem right, should be reported to the lab manager.

Quick Start

  1. Double-click the software icon and select the software application of interest from the right pane. Select “Add to report” prior to a measurement to save the sample data to a workbook.
  2. Establish a blank using the appropriate buffer. Pipette of the appropriate blanking solution onto the bottom pedestal, lower the arm and click “Blank”.
  3. Wipe away the blank from the measurement pedestals using a dry, lint free laboratory wipe. Enter the sample ID in the appropriate field. Pipette 1 μL of sample and click “Measure”.
  • Aqueous solutions of nucleic acids: 1 μL
  • Purified protein: 2 μL
  • Bradford, BCA, Lowry or Protein Pierce 660 nm assays: 2 μL
  • Microbial cell suspensions: 2 μL
  1. Wipe the upper and lower pedestals using a dry lint free-laboratory wipe and the unit is ready for

the next sample.


It tis recommended that a new blanck be taken every 30 minutes when measuring many samples.

For more information please visit the following link [1]

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