UA Biophysics: Centrifuge Primo R

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To get authorization to use it, please send an email to Lab manager.

Before beginning any work on the equipment, make sure it is in good condition. If something does not seem right, should be reported to the lab manager.

Quick Start

  1. Turn on the mains switch on the back of the instrument.
  2. After internal check, the display switches to the actual values.
  3. Set temperature, velocity, and time using the UP/DOWN KEYS.
    1. Press one of the SET KEYS in the control panel one to switch from the actual to the set-point mode.
    2. By briefly pressing the input key you can change the value in a 1 unit steps.
    3. If you keep the key pressed, the display changes at first slowly and after a few seconds at an accelerated step.
  4. For temperatures different to room temperature, It is necessary a cycle without samples while the temperature is reached.
  5. Press the STAT/KEY


  1. It is important to balance the centrifuge tubes as well as possible. You must ensure that opposite bores always receive tubes of equal weight. When centrifuge a single sample,
  2. For shot term operation use the QUICK RUN KEY continuously. Centrifuge will stop if the key is released.

For more information please visit the following link [1]
Operator´s Manual

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