UA Biophysics: Cabinet Biosafety

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To get authorization to use it, please send an email to Lab manager.

Before beginning any work on the equipment, make sure it is in good condition. If something does not seem right, should be reported to the lab manager.


  1. Slowly raise the sash until the bottom of the sash aligns with the sash indicator decal located on the left side of the work area. The display indicate “WAIT”
  2. Check the air grilles for obstructions, allow the cabinet to operate unobstructed for 5 minutes.
  3. Wash hands and arms thoroughly with soap. Wear a long sleeved lab coat and rubber gloves.
  4. The display indicate “OK”, wipe down the interior surfaces of the cabinet and materials with 70% etanol
  5. Only load the materials required for the procedure. Do not overload the cabinet or obstruct air grilles.
  6. After loading the cabinet, wait two to three minutes to purge airborne contaminants from the work area.


  1. Keep all materials at least 10 cm inside from the sash, and perform all contaminated operations as far to the rear of the work area as possible.
  2. Segregate all clean and contaminated materials in the work area.
  3. Arrange materials to minimize the movement of contaminated materials into clean areas.
  4. Avoid moving materials or the operator's hands through the front access opening during use.
  5. If there is a spill or splatter during use, thoroughly disinfect the working area of the cabinet WHILE IT IS STILL IN OPERATION.


  1. Wipe down the interior surfaces of the cabinet with 70% ethanol
  2. Lower the sash to turn off the fluorescent light and cabinet blower and activate the UV light.

For more information please visit the following link [1]

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