UA Biophysics: Analytical Balance Instructions

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To get authorization to use it, please send an email to Lab manager.

Before beginning any work on the equipment, make sure it is in good condition. If something does not seem right, should be reported to the lab manager.


  1. The balance may only be used for the weighing of solid-materials and of liquids into secure containers.
  2. Cell culture media shall not be weighted on the precision balance.
  3. The maximum allowable load of the balance (material + container) must never be exceeded 220g, and the minimum cannot be less than 10 mg. Error is +/- 1 mg
  4. The balance must be precisely horizontal: The two screw feet must be adjusted so that the air bubble is precisely in the center of the sight glass of the bubble level.
  5. Selecting the weight unit: Switch on balance and press “MODE” until the display shows “Units”. Release “MODE” and press “REF” until the correct unit is activated.
  6. Taring: Press “T”.

For more information please visit the following link [1] or visit the Operator´s Manual

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