UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:Journal Watch 2 October 2015

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- Dieterich, E., Camunas-Soler, J., Ribezzi-Crivellari, M., Seifert, U., & Ritort, F. (2015). Single-molecule measurement of the effective temperature in non-equilibrium steady states. Nature Physics.

- Cao, Y., Wang, H., Ouyang, Q., & Tu, Y. (2015). The free-energy cost of accurate biochemical oscillations. Nature Physics.

Nature Scientific Reports

- Xue Lei, Wei Tian, Hongyuan Zhu, Tianqi Chen & Ping Ao (2015). Biological Sources of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Noise in cI Expression of Lysogenic Phage Lambda.

- Angélica Caicedo-Casso, Hye-Won Kang, Sookkyung Lim & Christian I. Hong (2015). Robustness and period sensitivity analysis of minimal models for biochemical oscillators.

Nature Cell Biology

- Chen, H. C., Kanai, M., Inoue-Yamauchi, A., Tu, H. C., Huang, Y., Ren, D., ... & Cheng, E. H. (2015). An interconnected hierarchical model of cell death regulation by the BCL-2 family. Nature cell biology.

Genes & Development

- Ku, C. J., Lim, K. C., Kalantry, S., Maillard, I., Engel, J. D., & Hosoya, T. (2015). A monoallelic-to-biallelic T-cell transcriptional switch regulates GATA3 abundance. Genes & development, 29(18), 1930-1941.

Nature Systems Biology

Biofilm, resistencia a antibióticos

Metabolic co-dependence gives rise to collective oscillations within biofilms

Extracellular matrix structure governs invasion resistance in bacterial biofilms

Prediction of antibiotic resistance by gene expression profiles

Adaptación de levaduras frente a ambientes nutricionales diferentes

Quantitative analysis of fitness and genetic interactions in yeast on a genome scale

Microfluidos (Hydrogen Energy y Bioresource Technology)

Biofilm distribution and performance of microfluidic microbial fuel cells with different microchannel geometries

A microfluidic microbial fuel cell fabricated by soft lithography

Journal Math-Bio

General Systems Bio

Mean field analysis of a spatial stochastic model of a gene regulatory network

Quantifying gene expression variability arising from randomness in cell division times

Coarse-grained analysis of stochastically simulated cell populations with a positive feedback genetic network architecture

A geometric analysis of fast-slow models for stochastic gene expression

Evolution strategies

Construction of multiple trade-offs to obtain arbitrary singularities of adaptive dynamics

Reversible phenotypic plasticity with continuous adaptation


A 2D channel-clogging biofilm model


Bacterial chemotaxis without gradient-sensing

Competition between phytoplankton and bacteria: exclusion and coexistence


Adaptive Imaging Cytometry to Estimate Parameters of Gene Networks Models in Systems and Synthetic Biology

Biophysical journal

A Non-Poissonian Flagellar Motor Switch Increases Bacterial Chemotactic Potential

Exploring the Dynamics and Mutational Landscape of Riboregulation with a Minimal Synthetic Circuit in Living Cells


Imaging centromere-based incompatibilities: Insights into the mechanism of incompatibility mediated by low-copy number plasmids

Transfer of antibiotic-resistance genes via phage-related mobile elements

Plos one


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