UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:2023-I Meetings

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Stability of two competing populations in chemostat where one of the population changes its average mass of division in response to changes of its population -

Dynamical Model of Drug Accumulation in Bacteria: Sensitivity Analysis and Experimentally Testable Predictions -

Transcription factor specificity limits the number of DNA-binding motifs -

Expression pattern determines regulatory logic -

From graph topology to ODE models for gene regulatory networks -

A robust gene regulatory network inference method base on Kalman filter and linear regression -

Generating dynamic gene expression patterns without the need for regulatory circuits -

Turing-like mechanism in a stochastic reaction-diffusion model recreates three dimensional vascular patterning of plant stems -

Information diffusion in signed networks -

Reconsideration of r/K Selection Theory Using Stochastic Control Theory and Nonlinear Structured Population Models -

RNA promotes the formation of spatial compartments in the nucleus -

Modularity and robustness of frontal cortical networks -

A natural single-guide RNA repurposes Cas9 to autoregulate CRISPR-Cas expression -

Cell-cell metabolite exchange creates a pro-survival metabolic environment that extends lifespan -