UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:2022-I Meetings

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Transcriptional coupling of distant regulatory genes in living embryos

Scaling of intrinsic noise in an autocratic reaction network

Numerical computation of effective thermal equilibria in stochastically switching Langevin systems

Stochastic replicator dynamics and evolutionary stability

Promoter methylation in a mixed feedback loop circadian clock model

Effective description of bistability and irreversibility in apoptosis

Disorder in cellular packing can alter proliferation dynamics to regulate growth

Inferring gene regulation dynamics from static snapshots of gene expression variability

Regulatory feedback effects on tissue growth dynamics in a two-stage cell lineage model

Derivation of evolutionary entropy in the steady-state thermodynamics of evolutionary dynamics

Geometrically regulating evolutionary dynamics in biofilms

Noisy signal propagation and amplification in phenotypic transition cascade of colonic cells

Synthetic multistability in mammalian cells ttps://

Communication codes in developmental signaling pathways