UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:2017-II Meetings

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Name Journal(s)
Paula Nature Genetics-PLOS One
Lina Cell
David Physics Review E-Lab On a Chip
Juan Carlos Science-Physics of life review
Jorge PNAS - Current biology - Evolution - Proceedings Royal Society - Journal of bacteriology
Roberto q-bio
Carlos Nature Physics, Nature Cell Biology, Genes & Development
Luis Physical Review Letters
Valentina Nature system biology, Nature reviews microbiology


Name Lab(s)
Lina Lewis Lab (University of California). Kenn Gerdes Lab. Balaban (The Lab of Self replicating Matter)
David Acar Lab. Whitesides Research Group.
Juan Carlos Uri Alon, Terrence Hwa and Michael Elowitz
Jorge Chris Marx - R. Lensky - van Oudenaarden group
Carlos The Swain Lab. Dunlop Lab
Valentina Leibler (Laboratory of living matter) . Paulsson lab
Paula Bassler Lab, Howard Berg´s bacterial behaviour and motility lab , Bialek

Journal Watch 08 March 2017

Journal Watch 26 April 2017

Journal Watch 05 Diciembre 2018

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