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Look who's talking... (future dates are approximate, except those in bold)

WHEN AND WHERE: Every Wednesday 16:30 to 19:00 IP-305


Carlos, Juan Manuel, Juan David,Cesar, Manuela, Sofia, Lina, David, Juan Carlos, Jorge R, Jorge S, Nestor, Luis.

Date Speaker(s) Cook
Aug 10 Carlos
Aug 17 Journal Watch 17 August 2016 Carlos
Aug 24 Juan David Juan Manuel
Aug 31 Cesar Juan David
Sep 7 Paula Siauchó Cesar
Sep 14 Roberto Morán Paula Siauchó
Sep 21 Lab Watch September 21 2016/ Despedida Juan David Todos
Sep 28 Semana de Trabajo Individual
Oct 5 David Duran Roberto Morán
Oct 12 Jorge Romero David Duran
Oct 19 Journal Watch October 12 2016 Juan Manuel
Oct 26 Manuela Vanegas Jorge Romero
Nov 2 Luis Gutiérrez Manuela Vanegas
Nov 9 Lina Contreras Luis Gutiérrez
Nov 16 Juan Carlos Lina Contreras


Name Journal(s)
Manuela Nature Genetics-BMC Systems biology
Lina Cell
Juan David PLOS One
David Physics Review E-Lab On a Chip
Juan Carlos Science-Physics of life review
Jorge Plos Biology
Roberto q-bio
Carlos Nature Physics, Nature Cell Biology, Genes & Development
Luis Physical Review Letters
Valentina Nature system biology, Nature reviews microbiology

Journal of bacteriology, Current biology


Name Lab(s)
Lina Lewis Lab at University of California. Kenn Gerdes Lab
Juan David
Juan Carlos Uri Alon and Terrence Hwa
Jorge Chris Marx- R. Lensky
Cesar Elowitz, van Oudenaarden3
Luis Paulsson, Balaban, Dunlop.

Journal of bacteriology, Current biology

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