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Welcome to the Wiki for the Twaddle Lab from Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana (South Bend)

These laboratory pages are a record of our work on our IGEM 2016 project on "Endocrine Disruptors"

This year's project has 4 subprojects:

(1) To design and build an estrogen-activity (EA) detector from the Registry of Standard Parts.

(2) Use our EA-detector to identify compounds in soy-based food that confer a breast cancer protective effect.

(3) Employ CRISPR and a RepRap Prussa Mendel 2 3D printer modified to be a "CRISPR Cell Cloner" to search for genes in breast cancer cells activated by compounds identified in #2.

(4) Use our EA-detector and estrogen-responsive cell lines to test the feasibility of using gamma-irradiation to destroy 17-beta estradiol in the waste water stream.