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page for editing trials <html>

<body> <ul> <p> <li> <head> Adrien Lhomme-Duchadeuil </head> <image src:Adrien_lhomme.jpg/> Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Descartes University <br/> As far as I can recall I was always immersed in the Sciences and multi-culturalism. Following a bilingual education in France, I obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Anthroplogy and in Biology from the University of Toronto. Drawing from such a wide education, I really wish to participate in the iGEM competition so that I can bring to the team my biology skills and my anthroplogical knowledge. I want to seize the opportunity and contribute to this new adventure that synthetic biology is. </p>

<p> <li>Axel Séguret <image src: Axel.png />Master1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University <br> After many talks with some teachers, I had the wish to participate in iGEM competition. The idea of life engineering seems to me very interesting. To create standards could simplify experiments and all shares. We are not yet researchers but we have the ambition to achieve a research project end to end. Finally, iGEM contributes to the development of synthetic biology, while attempting to desecrate the image of science. I think science is accessible to people that get caught into the game. </p> </ul> </body> </html>