Tregwiki:People working on transcription regulation

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  • Vingron group Max Planck, Berlin, Germany:
    • Stefan Roepke: reg database, matrix comparison
    • Szymon Kielbasa: Matrix comparison, motif discovery
  • Michael Q. Zhang group
    • lot's of good software: matrix comparison (matcompare), (DME) motif discovery, chip-chip analysis, regulatory database, etc. etc.
  • Fraenkel lab
    • Yeast (science 2003), motif discovery, TAMO, very good software
  • Ian Holmes Lab
    • more like conservation and alignments, not too much about binding sites
  • Miller Lab
    • Whole Genome alignments and search of alignments for conserved sites (blastz, pipmaker, etc)
  • Jim Kadonaga coauthor of about 100 articles about transcription factors and interactions
  • Students:
    • Jonathan Carlson adds another motif discovery algorithm and is confident that it outperforms others.