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Dear All,

The following informations are about 2 travel supports we can apply. Please consider all these opportunities before your travel.

First, Engineering support for any grad student. Requirements are:

Present a paper (Need a proof)

The maximum award will be $500 and grants will be provided until the fund is exhausted. There are two application periods each year: October 15 - November 30 and March 15 - April 30. Students must submit a Graduate School Travel Expense Report (available at the Graduate School), endorsed by the Dean of Engineering, to Dean Diffily's office during one of these periods. No funds will be disbursed until evidence that the student has been accepted to present a paper has been provided to the Graduate School.

Second, BME support for PhD candidates. Requirements are:

Present a paper

File travel report by Sandy and ask Sandy to contact Carol Folan (3-3262) for account number. Maximum 400$ per student.