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Micro fluidic Chip Preparation Protocol

  • Materials:
    • Sylgard 184 Silicone Elastomer Base (Dow Corning 3097366-1004)
    • Sylgard 184 Silicone Elastomer Curing Agent (Dow Corning 3097358-1004)
    • 50ml Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube (Corning 430897)
    • S/S needle 14G x 1” (Small parts, Inc. NE-142PL-25)
    • Cover Glass No.1 22 x 40 mm (Corning Labware)
    • ID 0.040”, OD 0.070” Tygon Tubing (Cole-Parmer S-54-HL)
    • 75% Ethanol
    • Argon
    • Distilled Water
    • PDMS Moulds
    • Plasma Cleaner/Sterilizer

To make PDMS chips:

  1. Pour Elastomer Base in tube (not more than 40 ml)
  2. Add Elastomer Curing Agent 1:5 ratio to Base.
  3. Mix thoroughly (use inoculating loops and invert and roll tube) till uniform.
  4. Place in vacuum chamber for at least 30 minutes or until mixture is degassed.
  5. Pour into mould and place in oven at 75 C till it hardens
  6. Remove from mould and cut out chips using blades.
  7. Poke holes using needle, do not rotate needle to avoid tearing
  8. Apply scotch tape to remove dust, etc from chips
  9. Place chip in plasma cleaner along with a cover glass.
  10. Turn on pump and seal the cleaner chamber.
  11. Set the RF level to high.
  12. When plasma strikes optimize by twisting black cap on chamber cover.
  13. Once optimized let it sit for 45 seconds.
  14. After 45 s remove from chamber and place chip on cover glass and apply even pressure to ensure a good bond.
  15. Place in oven at 75 C for 12 hours.
  16. Cut out hoses (7.5” pieces for in flow, 3.5” for out flow) and insert in holes.
  17. Check for leaks by flowing ethanol through channels.

Pre-experiment Preparation

  1. Flush channels with 5ml 75% Ethanol.
  2. Flush channels with DI water.
  3. Dry by flowing argon through channels.