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Eppendorf Mastercycler Pro S Thermal Cycler (PCR)

Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

Quick Start for Mastercycler Pro

Status Lamp

Illuminates green = machine is available to use

Flashes green = A program run is active

Flashes orange = The program run is waiting for user ; pause or hold step

Flashes red = Error ( see manual P.64)

Logging in as a user

1. Open list of user with the ENTER key and select the user name.

2. Press next key. The cursor switch to the PIN field.

3. Enter pin number & confirm (for the first time when you set up the pin number)

4. Press OK. You are now logged in under your user name and can work on your program. [The previous user is automatically logged out]

Logging out as a user

1. Mark your user node.

2. Press the logout function key [you are now logged out].

3. Open the node [each lab node is already created].

4. Mark the node with the arrow key and press ENTER.

Creating Folders

1. Open the node: Mark the node with the arrow key and press ENTER. [For example DAS]

2. Press the NEW FOLDER function key.

3. Use the keyboard function (keybd) or numerical key to enter the name of new folder. [For example: XXXX]

4. Click OK when you finish set up the name.

Creating a new program

1. Open your own user node, folder in which you want to create the new program.

2. Press the NEW function key.

3. The New Cycler Program window is displayed.

4. You can enter name & comment for the new program. [For example: Prog64_30X]

5. Press the OK function key. The program is created and appears under your user node/folder.

  • You can change name of the program or comment by using the Prop. Function key.

6. Mark the desired program, the press Edit function key. The program editor is displayed as below;

Editing parameter

1. Use the arrow keys to change temperature – time – number of cycle as you want.

2. The parameter is highlighted in blue, use the numerical keys to enter the new value.

3. Confirm by pressing Enter key.

4. Extended options


Status view

Reporting problems:

Please see Ann Kladwang (B419)

or contact:

Colleen Black, Sales and Service Assistance

Eppendorf North America


Cell: (650) 522-0510

Voice Mail: 800-274-6599 ext.2695

FULL MANUAL: File:Operating Manual Mastercycler pro.pdf

QUICK START GUIDE: File:Quicks Start guide.docx

MASTERCYCLER RAMP RATE: File:Mastercycler ramp rate-1.xls