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Theobald, Tianwen Wang (an artistic interpretation)
  • Theobald Tianwen Wang
  • 130 Meilong Rd, Shanghai 200237, P.R.China
  • Email me through OpenWetWare or to address theobaldwang** (Please replace ** with @ when you are using it.).


  • Sept. 2003~June 2006, Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
  • Sept. 2000~June 2003, M.S. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Fujian Agricultural University
  • Sept. 1996~June 2000, B.S. in Microbiology, Henan Agricultural University


  • Jan. 2011~Jan. 2012, Postdoc in National University of Singapore, Singapore;
2011.1-2012.1,新加坡国立大学博士后(Research fellow)
  • Jan. 2007~Nov. 2008, Postdoc in Tsinghua university, China.
2007.1-2008.11, 清华大学博士后


  • July 2006~Dec. 2006, Tianjin university;
  • Dec.2008~Apr.2012, Jiangnan university;
  • May 2012~present, East China University of Sci.& Tech.


  • Biochemistry
  • Synthetic biology
  • RNA biology


  • Anti-Survivin nanobody prepared with engineered yeast and its activity in antitumor and on stem cells, funded by Municipal Supports for Pujiang Scholors of Shanghai City (Key participant)
存活素纳米抗体(Survivin-Nb)工程化酵母制备与抗肺癌及其干细胞活性研究, 上海市人才计划项目(“浦江人才”项目,F200-2R-13110,2013.09.01-2015.8.31),参与人;
  • Spatially engineering the metabolic enzymes in L-Phe biosynthesis, funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (PI);
  • The glutathionalytion of alcohol dehydrogenase from Candida utilis under oxidative stress (PI);
  • Construction of L-phe producer strain with RED recombination and Kan/sacB selective marker (PI);
  • Novel technology for Large‐scale expression and purification of non-fusion recombinant protein based on the ELP-Intein system (PI).


Journal articles


  1. F. Ma, T.Wang, X.Ma, and P.Wang, Identification and Characterization of the Protein Encoded by ORF_382 as an L-Threonine Dehydrogenase, Protein Pept. Lett., Submitted.
  2. L.Shi, L.Tang, X.Ma, T.Wang, P. Wang, Efficient Preparation of an Anti-tumor Protein TmSm by Reversible Phase Transition of ELPs and Self-cleaving Function of Intein, China Biotechnol., 2013, 33(10):89-95.[In CHS]
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  1. H. Zhou, X. Liao, L. Liu, T. Wang*, G. Du and J. Chen, Enhanced L-phenylalanine production by recombinant Escherichia coli BR-42 (pAP-B03) resistant to bacteriophage BP-1 via a two-stage feeding approach, J Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2011, 38(9):1219-1227. [Co-corresponding author], PMID:21104105.[IF2011=2.735]


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Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology



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DNA chemistry



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De novo protein design

this article discussed some key points that should be taken into account in de novo protein design.